Kayak Wing

Kayak Wing with Wedge

Kayak Wing with Yellow


Kayak Wing
Kayak Wing with Wedge
Kayak Wing with Yellow

Kayak carrier system designed to fit almost any roof rack or kayak.


  • Quick and easy to install – no tools required, anyone can do it!

  • Sturdy, reliable, and lightweight

  • All necessary items provided, including the Padded Buckle straps for secure and convenient tie down

  • Prevents hull damage such as dents and scratches that can occur with other roof rack systems

  • Black felt pads make it easy to slide your kayak onto the “Wings”

  • Fits a variety of different roof rack systems including those installed on your car, as well as those made by Thule, Yakima, etc.

  • Nearly doubles the effective carrying capacity of your roof rack.

  • The Wedge can be turned to the left or the right to further increase carrying capacity.


5 year warranty against breakage.

Made in the U.S.A.


Approximate dimensions: 21”x 8” x 4 ½”
Note: A minimum clearance of 1 ½” is necessary between the roof of the car and the underside of your roof rack.

          Recommended for kayaks up to 32" wide


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Kayak Wing with Yellow

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